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I love to make calming lavender and chamomile bath melts for family and friends. They are great for calming children before bedtime and helping to soothe skin problems like dry skin, eczema, nappy rash, cradle cap. I like to use them when my skin is feeling particularly dry or if I’m stressed and need to chill out before bed.

They are very easy to make –

1. Get a muslin cloth ( I use old ones I used with my babies but if you need to buy some you’ll find them in the baby section of supermarkets, shops or online.), and cut into squares about 15cm x 15cm

2. Put one or two table spoons of organic porridge oats in the middle of the square


3. Put one teaspoon of dried lavender on top (You can use other dried flowers such as roses)

4. Put one drop of roman chamomile essential oil on top of the dried flowers

5. Carefully pick up the four corners and tie it tightly. I used an unused shoelace but you can use any string or ribbon – just make sure the colour doesn’t run when in water.

6. Now they are ready to drop into the bath. Give it a good squeeze to release all the lovely oatmilk and relax….Make sure children don’t take them apart. I often remove it when I put the kids in and re use it the next night.

Let me know how you get on with making them!