Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 10.00AM - 3.00PM, Evening appointments available Mondays and Thursdays

I offer Aromatherapy and Natural Skincare workshops for businesses and charities. These can be online or in person. 

Workshops themes are customised to your needs. Popular choices are ‘Introduction to Aromatherapy’, ‘Aromatherapy for Anxiety’, ‘Aromatherapy for Yoga & Meditation’, ‘Aromatherapy for Sleep’, ‘Aromatherapy for Focus’. 

A typical workshop would include an introduction to aromatherapy and essential oils, how to use essential oils safely, they are then taken on a journey to experience 3-4 essential oils, where participants smell and learn about the benefits of each oil. 

Workshops can also include product making – I’ll teach them how to blend essential oils and create their own product to use. Examples include a pulse point roll on, personal inhaler, bath oil, body oil, pillow spray or a yoga mat spray.

Examples of organisations I have recently worked with include Yoga Studios in Loughton, Epping and Hertford, The Garden Museum in London and Bath and North East Somerset Carers’ Centre.

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Natural Skincare Workshops focus on organic and natural products for the face and body. All participants learn about the benefits of using organic ingredients such carrier oils, essential oils and butters, which they use to create their own product(s). If the workshop focusses on a facial oil then we can include a mini facial and teach self massage techniques too! 

There is a wide range of wonderful products we can make including bath salts, body scrubs, bath oils, body butters, balms, lip balms, facial mists. 


Please get in touch to discuss your organisations needs – 07947 819492 or info@claireblackiearomatherapy.com