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Even though essential oils are natural they are powerful, concentrated substances and should be used in a safe way

Dilute but don’t swallow- Please do not use essential oils internally because they can cause mouth, stomach and gastric irritation. They can also increase the risk of medication interactions and overdose.

Never neat- It is not safe to use essential oils undiluted on the skin due to risk of irritation and allergic sensitisation. They can also pose a risk to people with certain medical problems and on certain medications

Qualifications count- Only book treatments and take advice from qualified practitioners with indemnity insurance. If they are a member of the IFPA (International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) then this ensures the highest level of training

An eye on ethics – Use essential oils from sustainable and ethical suppliers, this is one of the reasons I use @nealsyardremedies

Tips – I offer lots of tips on how to use essential oils safely in a blog post called ‘Aromatherapy for all’ on my website and I’ll be posting more tips soon.

Feel free to ask any questions!

To read a full safety statement by IFPA please copy this https://ifparoma.org/…/Statement-on-Internal-Neat-Use-of-Es…

The wonderful image is from the Midwives Magazine