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One of the simplest ways to use essential oils is through diffusion. There are many types of diffusers, such as oil burners, electronic vaporisers and diffusers, and reed diffusers. You can even get mini diffusers for your car.

Top tips:

~ Just start with one diffuser, you really do not need one in every room. I use the Soto Aroma Diffuser by Made by Zen. Whichever diffuser, oil burner or vaporiser you choose just follow their specific instructions to operate it properly.

~ Only diffuse for  an hour at a time to get the most benefit.

~ You can diffuse just one essential oil or a blend of two or three, or a pre blended oil. Use about 6 -12 drops in total (2 drops per 100sqft). See below for some blend suggestions.

~ Be careful diffusing around children as not all essential oils are suitable for them.  A safe blend to start with for children would be 1 drop lavender, 1 drops mandarin and 1 drop roman chamomile.

~ If you have pets at home it is best to diffuse small amounts, for a limited time, in a well ventilated room and where they can leave if they want to.

~ Please check out my Neal’s Yard Remedies Shop where you can buy a range of diffusers and essential oils. I’m very happy to offer advice and answer any questions you have.

A few blend suggestions that I like to use

Calm blend:  5 drops mandarin, 4 drops lavender, 2 drops sandalwood, 1 drop ylang ylang

Emotional support blend: 4 drops lavender, 3 drops clary sage and 3 drops bergamot

Cough/cold relief blend: 3 drops eucalyptus, 3 drops tea tree or niaouli, 2 drops pine

Fresh up the room (after baby or cat has been sick!) 3 drops lemon, 3 drops tea tree, 3 drops grapefruit